Shell Out Pokémon
Species Shell Out Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Red
Gender Male

Accelgor is a Middleweight character, Accelgor is a Male-only character along with Escavalier with no female counterpart.


Accelgor has a large pink head reminiscent of a helmet that is curled in the back. Green stripes run from its eyes to the top of its head, and there is a black star-like marking or hole on the front. Its eyes are hidden in a shadowed crevice in its head. The rest of its body is covered by a dull blue, cloth-like membrane, which keeps Accelgor from dehydrating, with ribbon-like extensions at the top of its back. Its arms, when crossed, portray an aggressive mood. It is a very fast Pokémon; it can attack using ways similar to ninjas. It lives in moist habitats like bogs and swamps.

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