Long Tail Pokémon
Species Long Tail Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Pink
Gender Female

Ambipom is a Middleweight character, Ambipom is a Female-only character and no male counterpart.


Ambipom is a pink, simian Pokémon with two tails, each with a large, rounded hand with three magenta-tipped fingers. The tails also have a cuff of a rounded frill on the wrists. The bases of Ambipom's tails also have a similar frill. It has round ears with magenta insides. Ambipom has an arrangement of a split hair sticking out from the top of its head. These strands of hair are longer on a female. It has a pink, triangular nose and wide eyes.

Ambipom can leap from tree to tree with brilliant speed. To eat, it deftly shucks nuts with its two tails. As it has two hands on its tails, it rarely uses its arms. Ambipom works in large colonies in heavily wooded areas and makes rings by linking tails with another Ambipom, apparently in friendship. It lives along with its young, Aipom.

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