Anika Rashid
Anika BD7 Animated
Anika's art from Bradly's Double 7.
Size Medium
Gender Female
Species Dragon Butterfly
Color Purple
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
First Appearance Wedding for Anika and Wild Yoshi's Egg!
Latest Appearance The Final Battle

Anika Rashid is was named Anika is a one of my protagonist character from Bradly's Double 7, They along with Bradly Dobbs, Kermit the Frog, Kirby, Krokorok, Tranquill, Misaki Tsakalos and Grizzly Bear.


Anika is a medium 10 year old girl, Anika's skin is very brown, He has an brown eyes and his hair, Anika wears his purple headband on his head around his face, Anika put his makeup on his eyes purple, He has earrings on his ears, Anika wears a silver school shirt with long sleeves inside the navy blue v-neck tank top with navy blue skirt, His collar of his shirt with buttons, Anika wears the navy blue pants, Anika wears the white socks and the purple shoes.


Anika is going to the wedding with visiting Victor Lee from the Wedding for Anika and Wild Yoshi's Egg!


  • Anika is a purple princess Dragon Butterfly.

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