Old Shrimp Pokémon
Species Old Shrimp Pokémon
Type(s) Type Rock/Type Bug
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color White
Gender Female

Anorith is a Middleweight wild character, Anorith is along with Lileep, Cradily and Armaldo, Anorith is a Female-only character and male counterpart with Lileep.


Anorith is a brownish-white, arthropod Pokémon, resembling an anomalocaris. A stalk extends from either side of its head, with large, spherical eyes at the tips. The middle of its head is black with two orange-red, teardrop-shaped markings, and an x-shaped mouth is visible on the underside of its torso. Beneath its head are two large, segmented claws that serve as weapons and are used to capture prey. On each side of its body are four white appendages with orange red tips. These wing-like projections are used to propel Anorith through the water. Now extinct in the wild, it lived in the seas of ancient times. It is still extant under the ownership of Trainers through revival from Claw Fossils.

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