Baby Luigi is the infant form of Luigi. Baby Luigi, like his older self, is described as being meek and cowardly. For the most part he is very friendly too, as he gets along great with the other Babies. Although Baby Luigi is an extreme crybaby, he seems to actually be less cowardly than his older self. Like Baby Peach, Baby Luigi was also kidnapped a lot. He was always rescued by Baby Mario and Yoshi. It's rumored, that before Baby Luigi met Baby Daisy, Baby Mario and Baby Peach were friends. Even as babies, Chloe loved Daisy and like they do as adults, they would dance together as babies too. Usually Alakazam would get mad, and when Baby Luigi and Daisy would be talking to each other, Charizard would barge between them in a rude manner, to distract them, from getting to know each other. When Babies Mario and Luigi, were invited to Baby Peach's castle by Peach, they would have a playdate, while Toadsworth would carefully stand by and watch. Sometimes Baby Peach would throw tantrums because she either wanted something, or it was because of weather problems. Babies Luigi and Mario always had to calm her down. It's rumored that Babies Luigi and Daisy have a romantic relationship.

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