Leaf Pokémon
Species Leaf Pokémon
Type(s) Type Grass
Weight Medium
Eye color Red
Body color Green
Gender Female

Bayleef is a Middleweight character, Bayleef is a Female-only character and no male counterpart, Bayleef was like a princess sauropod dinosaur or a lizard, Bayleef is only the dinosaur character and no grizzly bear counterpart.


Bayleef resembles a pale yellow sauropod dinosaur or a lizard. A large leaf shaped like a scythe protrudes from its head. It has red eyes, and has one large toenail on each of its four feet. It also has a small tail. It has curled leaf-like growths, stated to be buds with small tree shoots inside, sprouting in a ring around its neck.

The aroma wafting from the leaf-like growths around its neck has a spicy scent, and exhibits various beneficial effects on itself, nearby people, or Pokémon who inhale it. The fragrance has a combination of energizing, stimulating, and healing effects. Bayleef can be rarely found in grasslands among other Bayleef and its evolutions.

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