Butterfly Pokémon
Species Butterfly Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug/Type Flying
Weight Heavy
Gender Female

Beautifly is a butterfly like Butterfree and Dustox.


Beautifly is a butterfly-like Pokémon with two pairs of wings. It has a long and curled black proboscis, large blue eyes, and black antennae that extend out of its head. It has a gray face, underside, and four stubby limbs. Its wings are black with large, yellow markings, and other red and blue markings. The rim of the wings has a line of yellow on the edge, and the lower pair of wings has a long, round-tipped extension. The female's wings have smaller red spots than the male.

It is aggressive, as it uses its long thin mouth to jab at foes when it attacks or if it is disturbed while collecting pollen. It will drain the body fluids of its prey. Beautifly lives in forests.

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