Bradly's Double 7 (season 3)
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26
Original network DsiDude1107
Original release June 2, 2013 - June 8, 2014
Previous season Season 2
Next season Season 4

The 3rd season of the television series Bradly's Double 7 was original broadcast on DsiDude1107 in the Canada from June 2, 2013 to June 8, 2014 and contains 26 episodes. This season like seasons 1, 2, and 4, was released on DVD in Canada.


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No. overall No. in season Image Title Summary Original air date Production code
53 1 Foggy Ninja Woods! Foggy Ninja Woods! The Bradly's friends are in the foggy ninja forest in Chinese New Year. June 2, 2013 301
54 2 The Legend of Duvetica! The Legend of Duvetica! Meanwhile, Anika wears the Duvetica jacket to closing the hood will getting cold outing just like Daria before to go winter camp and Bradly's friends scouts are sleeping in Barnyard Home for winter camp. June 9, 2013 307
55 3 Game On! Game On! The friends are save up for months to get the big prize at the arcade, but the ticket counting machine malfunctions. June 16, 2013 302
56 4 Gone Bowlin'! Gone Bowlin'! Bradly and Misaki are buying the bowling shoes and some foods at the bowling alley. June 23, 2013 303
57 5 Bring on the Bugs! Bring on the Bugs! It's the Big Bug Parade and the Bradly's friends are marching with the ants and buzzing with the bees. There are so many different kinds of bugs, but it's a special spider named Galvantula that catches Anika and Chloe's friendship. June 30, 2013 308
58 6 The New Year's Dragon! The New Year's Dragon! The friends can't wait for China's Lunar New Year Festival, where they'll operate a giant festival dragon in the grand parade. February 9, 2014 304
59 7 Call a Brambulance! Call a Brambulance! Misaki's son Bradly broke a bone in his leg and has gone to see a doctor. September 1, 2013 306
60 8 Puppy Love! Puppy Love! The Bradly's friends to fight all the Psycho-Killers. November 10, 2013 305
61 9 Happy Prank Day! Happy Prank Day! Bradly is excited because today is Happy Prank Day, Montreal's version of April Fool's Day. April 13, 2014 311
62 10 The Arctic Life! The Arctic Life! Meanwhile, It is very cold outside and all the friends and creatures haves the colds and tonight there are no more colds. November 24, 2013 309
63 11 The Moon Rocks! The Moon Rocks! It's time to check out the solar system with the Bradly's friends! September 22, 2013 310
64 12 Freezy Stickerbrush! Freezy Stickerbrush! The weather is very cold in the Stickerbrush of the brambles and Bradly's friends are going to dressed warm until the sunset is getting hot. September 29, 2013 313
65 13 Good Evening, Stink Samantha Diaz! Good Evening, Stink Samantha Diaz! Ew! Why Samantha Diaz has the stink with mud and garbage on his hat, gloves, jacket and his pants, that their favorite things are worth singing about. March 2, 2014 314
66 14 Good Hair Day! Good Hair Day! Bradly's hair grew really long! Today is Picture Day so he really wants to look his best. When he gets to the hairdresser, he sees that everyone in town wants haircuts too! March 9, 2014 315
67 15 Scaredy Squirrel! Scaredy Squirrel! Meanwhile, Shinnosuke is was the scaredy squirrel and they scares by the villains. March 16, 2014 316
68 16 The Final Stampede! The Final Stampede! The Protagonists and Recurrings are against the speed running race in the final league championship. March 23, 2014 312
69 17 Wild Weather! Wild Weather! The Bradly's friends stays in Barnyard Home because the bad wild weather is very raining. March 30, 2014 317
70 18 Trouble in the Kitchen! Trouble in the Kitchen! The Bradly's friends are in the kitchen during making some cakes. April 6, 2014 318
71 19 Samurai Fights! Samurai Fights! Meanwhile, Bradly are fighting against the Barbara with some blade sword in the Ninja Castle. April 20, 2014 326
72 20 Having Buffalo! Having Buffalo! The Bradly's friends see all the Bouffalants in the outside and the job get having buffalo. April 27, 2014 319
73 21 Sticky Situation! Sticky Situation! In the cliff and all the brown muddy drops in the mud, There is all sticky in the mud. May 4, 2014 320
74 22 The Police Cop-etition! The Police Cop-etition! Officer Jenny teaches Bradly and the other kids how police officers use laws to keep us safe. May 11, 2014 325
75 23 Blaze of Glory! Blaze of Glory! The Fire-type Pokémon having the Blaze of Glory with some fires. May 18, 2014 324
76 24 The Amusement Parking Lot! The Amusement Parking Lot! Samantha Diaz's car breaks down on the way to an amusement park and the kids must figure out how to get it going again. May 25, 2014 321
77 25 Construction Psyched! Construction Psyched! When Bradly loses his favourite toy the Recurring Characters help him retrace his steps and discover that his dump truck was left at a construction site. June 1, 2014 322
78 26 Can You Dig It! Can You Dig It! The Bradly's friends look for answers at a dinosaur dig site. June 8, 2014 323

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