Bradly's Double 7 (season 4)
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26
Original network DsiDude1107
Original release June 15, 2014 - June 28, 2015
Previous season Season 3
Next season TBA

The 4th season of the television series Bradly's Double 7 was original broadcast on DsiDude1107 in the Canada from June 15, 2014 to June 28, 2015 and contains 26 episodes. This season like seasons 1, 2, and 3, was released on DVD in Canada.


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No. overall No. in season Image Title Summary Original air date Production code
79 1 The Mystery Bandit! The Mystery Bandit! Bradly's friends tries to fight against bandit of the showdown. June 15, 2014 404
80 2 The Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny! Meanwhile, It's Happy Easter Special of the Easter Bunny. April 5, 2015 412
81 3 Captain Shell-Out! Captain Shell-Out! Meanwhile, Bradly and his friends are going out to the park, There comes the Captain Shell-Out. June 22, 2014 403
82 4 Tyrannosaurus Rex! Tyrannosaurus Rex! Bradly's friends are going to find the Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil and Bradly fights against Shinta the Tyrannosaurus Rex. June 29, 2014 423
83 5 The Summer Fun! The Summer Fun! Bradly's friends are going out for summer every day. September 7, 2014 405
84 6 The Unidentified Flying Orchestra! The Unidentified Flying Orchestra! Strings! Brass! Woodwinds! Percussion! After Bradly and Misaki meet a conductor, the friends want to join an orchestra. Led by a conductor from another planet, the friends' orchestra will make music that's out of this world! September 14, 2014 413
85 7 Check It Out! Check It Out! Bradly and his friends are going to the library to get some books. September 21, 2014 410
86 8 Tidal Terror! Tidal Terror! Bradly's friends are staying inside the cave until the tidal waves gone. September 28, 2014 409
87 9 Party at Sea! Party at Sea! Anchor's away! It's time to celebrate cruise with a party at sea! But when a giant ball of snow cone ice threatens to sink the party ship, can the friends use their nautical knowledge to save the day? March 1, 2015 416
88 10 Fruit Focus! Fruit Focus! Bradly fight against the Team Villains for the fruit and veggie focus fights. March 8, 2015 406
89 11 X Marks the Spot! X Marks the Spot! Bradly's friends are going to find the treasure. March 15, 2015 401
90 12 Costume Boxing! Costume Boxing! Bradly's friends are going to wears the boxing clothes for the boxing. June 14, 2015 402
91 13 The Beach Ball! The Beach Ball! Bradly's friends are going to stay in the beach to play the beach ball. March 29, 2015 411
92 14 Dolphin is the Bradly's Best Friends! Dolphin is the Bradly's Best Friends! Bradly and Misaki meet Buddy, a baby dolphin with the friendliest face in the sea. Today is Buddy's first birthday, and his pod is throwing him a surprise birthday party. June 7, 2015 415
93 15 Scuba Diving! Scuba Diving! Bradly's friends are sitting in the rock and put feets in the water and Bradly fighting against Yoko. April 19, 2015 424
94 16 Monster Madness! Monster Madness! Bradly's friends are going to the Barnyard Home for with all the recurrings and monsters. April 26, 2015 407
95 17 Colonel Pluck! Colonel Pluck! The mechanicals of the giant robot chicken is named "Colonel Pluck". May 3, 2015 408
96 18 Come to Your Senses! Come to Your Senses! Oh no! Keiko broke his glasses! When they're fixed, Keiko is determined to retrieve them on his won. But to do it, he'll have to depend on his other four senses to reach the glasses store before it closes. May 10, 2015 414
97 19 Lighting Electricity! Lighting Electricity! Meanwhile, There's dark outside in the night and they turn the power on with electricity lighting em up. May 17, 2015 418
98 20 The Running of the Bullfrogs! The Running of the Bullfrogs! Bradly and Misaki bring a tadpole named Poliwag to Barnyard House to watch him grow into a frog. When Poliwag’s ready to hop, Bradly and Misaki will have to lead him back to his pond in the traditional Running of the Bullfrogs! May 24, 2015 422
99 21 Double Scrubbies! Double Scrubbies! The Bradly and Misaki are dressed up as a two genies they along with Infernape and Staraptor, The two genies inside the bottle and the adventures of Aladdin. May 31, 2015 417
100 22 Dry Bowser! Dry Bowser! Roar, Bradly are fighting against the Dry Bowser in the magma castle. April 12, 2015 419
101 23 Super Style! Super Style! Bradly's friends are going to the fansion style in the city with lots of girls. March 22, 2015 420
102 24 Magma Way! Magma Way! Bradly is running and jump into the rock of the Magma Way. June 21, 2015 421
103-104 25-26 The Final Battle! The Final Battle! (Movie) Bradly are fighting agains the final boss Matt and we will rescue Princess Peach. June 28, 2015 425-426

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