Prototurtle Pokémon
Species Prototurtle Pokémon
Type(s) Type Water/Type Rock
Weight Heavy
Eye color White
Body color Blue
Gender Male

Dr. Carracosta is a Heavyweight character, Carracosta does appears for Dumb Ways to Die as Eat medicine that's out of date, But the Dr. Carracosta along with Archeops.


Carracosta resembles a bipedal, blue-colored sea turtle. Its stomach is pale blue. It has deep blue rocky structures encrusted on its face, back, and the sides of its chest forming a "mask" and shell. Its flippers are long with black finger-like protrusions at the tips. Carracosta has a thick tail and short legs with two-toed feet. Carracosta has extremely strong jaws and have enough power in its slap to open a hole in the bottom of a tanker. Carracosta once lived in the sea millions of years ago and is now considered extinct. Carracosta eats steel frames and rocks, in addition to prey.

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