Head Butt Pokémon
Species Head Butt Pokémon
Type(s) Type Rock
Weight Light
Eye color Red
Body color Blue
Gender Male

Cranidos is a Lightweight characters, Cranidos appears in Episode 1 and they did not recieved Shieldon, Cranidos has been not evolved, Cranidos as a baby, Cranidos does not appears in Dumb Ways to Die.


Cranidos is a gray, dinosaur-like Pokémon resembling the Pachycephalosaurus. It has a hooked beak, red irises, and a hard, blue, dome-shaped head with four spikes on its back. It has stubby arms with three claws; despite the stubbiness, it can attack with them. The back half of its body has a large, spiky pattern of blue and it has a short tail. It has feet with three forward claws and one backward. Its main attacking prowess involves charging head-first into its opponents. When it lived in dense forests and jungles 100 million years ago, it would use headbutts to snap obstructing trees and down its prey.

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