Toxic Mouth Pokémon
Species Toxic Mouth Pokémon
Type(s) Type Poison/Type Fighting
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Blue
Gender Male

Croagunk is a Middleweight Character, This Croagunk along with Scraggy with a Fighting brothers, This friends along with Cinccino, Scraggy, Lilligant and Simisear.


Croagunk is a dark blue, bipedal Pokémon that resembles a poison dart frog. It has yellow eyes, which are surrounded by black markings. There are orange, expandable pouches on its cheeks, and its teeth are wide and flat. A black marking encircles its upper arms and chest, and there are white bands around its chest. The white markings are slightly higher up on the female Croagunk than the male. It has three fingers and toes, most of which are black. The only digits that are not black are its center fingers, which are orange instead.

Croagunk's cheek pouches and finger's contain a poisonous fluid. However, the fluid squeezed from its finger is also a significant ingredient in remedies for lower back pain. The cheek pouches can be used to create an unnerving sound. When its opponents are distracted, it tries to stab them with its fingers. Despite this, it is a mild Pokémon, fighting only to ensure its own survival.

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