Stone Home Pokémon
Species Stone Home Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug/Type Rock
Weight Heavy
Eye color Yellow
Body color Red
Gender Male

Crustle is a Heavyweight character, Crustle appears in Dumb Ways to Die as Eat a tube of superglue and Take your helmet off in outer space for effect Crustle eating the glue is not good for you will can't move and Cruslte in outer space taking the Stone off with helmet off just like Numskull, There are friends with Forest trio along with Pansage and Stunfisk.


Crustle is an orange Pokémon resembling an insect or crustacean. Its most distinguishing feature is its enormous shell, which resembles a cut-away block of sediment with multiple layers and strata visible. The tips of its pincers and six feet are dark gray. It has two glaring yellow eyes. Crustle possesses a straight tail that is concealed underneath its shell. It is very strong, to the point that it can carry heavy rocks for a long time, even through arid lands where it resides. It fights members of its species over territory in battles which can become very vicious. If its shell breaks during such a fight, it loses.

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