Diddy Kong anime

Diddy Kong in the anime

Diddy Kong, (sometimes simply called Diddy) is a young monkey in the Donkey Kong Series. He is Donkey Kong's best friend, and the two usually go on adventures with each other. In his debut, he came to Donkey Kong to become his apprentice, as Diddy looks up to Donkey Kong. However, Donkey Kong decided to humor the over eager Diddy, and assigned him to guard his Banana Hoard. However, King K. Rool and the Kremling Krew attacked Diddy, sealed him in a Barrel, and stole the Banana's. Donkey Kong saved Diddy, and the two set out to stop him. Diddy appears in almost every single Donkey Kong game, and has even started appearing in the Mario Bros. Series. He also has a girlfriend named Dixie Kong.


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