Hypnosis Pokémon
Species Hypnosis Pokémon
Type(s) Type Psychic
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Yellow
Gender Male

Drowzee is a Middleweight Character, Drowzee just appears for Dumb Ways to Die as "I wonder what's this red button do?" just like Ninny push the red button and the volcano eruption and die.


Drowzee is a bipedal Pokémon that resembles a tapir. It has tired-looking eyes, a short trunk above its mouth, and triangular ears. The upper half of Drowzee's body is yellow and the lower half is brown. A wavy line separates the two halves. It has a round belly and short legs. Its feet are brown, except for its two toes, which are the same yellow as the upper half of the body. The bottom of each foot has a small, round, pink pad in the middle of it. There are three fingers on each of its hands.

Drowzee is able to put people to sleep, and can then sense the person's dreams. This is so it knows what kind of dream it would be eating. It eats dreams through the victim's nose, so it is said that Drowzee is standing over a person's pillow if their nose itches while they are asleep. Drowzee has certain preferences for the dreams it eats, and it is known to love fun dreams and become ill from bad dreams. It will rarely eat the dreams of adults, as the dreams of children are seemingly tastier. Drowzee remembers every dream it has eaten, and may show past meals to a person that often sleeps by it. Drowzee lives in very tall grass, by muddy rivers, in savannahs, and occasionally in ancient temples and tombs.

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