Mitosis Pokémon
Species Mitosis Pokémon
Type(s) Type Psychic
Weight Light
Eye color Black
Body color Green
Gender Female

Duosion is a Lightweight Character, Duosion does not appears in Dumb Ways to Die, But Duosion appears in the Episode 1 along with Growlithe.


Duosion is pale green with a large head, stubby arms, and a body that tapers to a point at the bottom. It has oval, black eyes and a red, diamond-shaped mouth. It is encased in a darker green, gelatinous substance that forms small, round bumps on the lower sides and over Duosion's head. A small circular piece of matter floats inside this substance over this Pokémon’s head. It has two brains, which occasionally causes it to attempt two different actions at once. However, its exhibits greater psychic powers when the brains think alike.

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