EleFish Pokémon
Species EleFish Pokémon
Type(s) Type Electric
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Blue
Gender Female

Eelektrik is a Middleweight character, Eelektrik is only the female friends along with Tynamo and Eelektross, Eelektrik are the rattlesnake for Dumb Ways to Die.


Eelektrik is a blue, eel-like Pokémon with a beige underbelly. Its round, toothy, leech-like mouth has orange lips, and its eyes have small pupils with green circle patterning around them, as well as spots. Beige fins extend from above and below its head, and its body is decorated with three green spots on the side. It has a orange tail fin that resembles a fan.

Eelektrik is a vigorous carnivore and has a good appetite. Upon spotting prey, it immediately attacks and paralyzes it, then coils around it and shocks it with electricity from its circular electricity-generating organs before eating it. It dwells in caves and marine environments.

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