Cavalry Pokémon
Species Cavalry Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug/Type Steel
Weight Medium
Eye color Yellow
Body color Gray
Gender Male

Escavalier is a Middleweight character, Escavalier is a Male-only character along with Accelgor with no female counterpart.


Escavalier is an insectoid Pokémon with a head sporting the red horsehair crest of a knight’s helmet, with a visor underneath it. Its shoulders have large, round metal ridges, from which its thin black arms extend. The arms are tipped with red-striped protrusions resembling jousting lances. Its face and torso are bare of armor, but its lower body is concealed within a swirled gray shell with a red spike on the underside, which was presumably the shell of a Shelmet. Its tough armor protects its entire body. It flies around at high speed, jabbing foes with its lances. It is brave and will face any challenge even if in trouble.

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