Mantle Pokémon
Species Mantle Pokémon
Type(s) Type Rock
Weight Medium
Eye color None
Body color Blue
Gender Male

Gabriele Mantle is name was Roggenrola as a Middleweight character, Roggenrola is name Gabriele Mantle are the customer goes along with Siobhán, Helen, Ryan, Ursula, Mia, Naomi and Holly, They doesn't cannot been appeared for the Dumb Ways to Die.


Roggenrola is a roughly spherical Pokémon discovered a century ago in an earthquake fissure. Its body is blue and covered in large, smooth facets. It has a hexagonal, yellow artifice in the center of its body, leading to a hexagonal opening that functions as an ear. Roggenrola has a brown, rocky oblong atop its head, and similar brown rocks that serve as feet. Its body houses an energy core; due to compression underground, both this core and Roggenrola's body are as hard as steel. As stated by Cilan in Where Did You Go, Audino?, Roggenrola has sensitive hearing and can hear sounds that are inaudible to humans. It tends to follow the sounds it picks up with its lone ear.

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