Atrocious Pokémon
Species Atrocious Pokémon
Type(s) Type Water/Type Flying
Weight Medium
Eye color Red
Body color Red
Gender Male

Gyarados is a Middleweight character, But Gyarados has been Red-colored only, Gyarados appears in Dumb Ways to Die for Eat a two-week-old un-refrigerated pie with Bulborb, Aggron, Petey Piranha and Dragular, But Gyarados pukes all over it, Those monster trio has along with Seadra and Tentacruel.


Gyarados is a serpentine Chinese dragon-like Pokémon. It is mostly red, with a yellow underbelly and yellow spots along its body. It has a three-pointed, dark red crest on its head and four white fins down its back. Its mouth is very large and gaping, bearing four canine teeth. It has one barbel on each side of its face. The barbels are white on a female and the same color as the main body on a male.

Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel. Gyarados is infamously known for its fierce temper and wanton destructive tendencies, and is attracted to violence. In addition, Gyarados is also notoriously difficult to tame even after it is captured by the Trainer, usually requiring an exceptional amount of work in taming it until it can obey its Trainer. Gyarados usually lives in large bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds or even seas and oceans.

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