Farmer Koopa's Shell Shock!


Season 1, Episode 18
Air Date
March 24, 2012
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Farmer Koopa's Shell Shock! is the eighteenth episode in Season 1, and the 18th episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Bradly's family are going out for the walk, Anika sees Farmer Jennifer is sleeping, Anika, Kermit and Kirby sneaks to Farmer Jennifer are sleeping, Anika brings over a Doduo, Doduo hears Cockle-doodle-hoo! and wake up Jennifer, Jennifer runs away, Anika, Kermit and Kirby goes to the Summit School with Chloe.

Meanwhile Koopa Troopa hits Misaki's face, Misaki is running to find the cow, Bradly, Tranquill and Krokorok wait to Misaki stops upon hearing a nearby cow, who keeps popping out from bush behind her. Misaki then Moo's, upon realizing it's a cow and Miltank pops out! A farmer comes over and tells her that she should be resting in the barn, since she is going to have a baby soon. Misaki is very excited, and Miltank confirms it. She asks about the name, but when the Farmer tells her he didn't think of a name, he asks Misaki for an idea and she suggets "Puddin' " before he goes and All the friends resumes going to class.

Misaki beings to moo, then she tells Mr. Marisa about what she had recently seen: a cow! She explains how she met Miltank and she is going to have a baby soon. It's then they all discuss baby animals and Mr. Robot is asked about other animals on the farm. So he talks about Miltanks, Tepigs, Torchics, Ponytas, Mareeps and Doduos! Then Mr. Robot sings: The Farmers Song.

All the friends are doing her free time, Bradly makes the Miltank and Misaki asks him to draw a Miltank too and Emolga draw a baby calf, All the creatures drawing the farm animals and Mr. Robot tells the friends to go outside and play.

Emolga tells the story of two farmers, Bradly and Mommy who were plucking their recently grown carrots. Misaki tells Bradly to keep an eye on the carrots, warning him to make sure that a boss Lopunny doesn't come to steal them. Suddenly he spots a Lopunny, who steals the carrot! One more remains, but Bradly is hurried as only one carrot remains. He then admits what happened as Misaki returns and to take more precaution they build a Lopunny barricade in hopes of protecting the carrot.

Misaki tells to stop the Lopunny and Bradly tells Snivy uses the Leaf Blade on Lopunny, Misaki tells Excadrill uses the Metal Claw on Lopunny, Bradly tells Crustle uses the Rock Wrecker on Lopunny, The Greaser Brothers steals Koopa Troopa, Misaki tells Excadrill uses the Metal Claw, Jeremiah sends out his Golem, Jeremiah tells Golem uses the Hyper Beam, Misaki tells Excadrill uses the Metal Claw stops the Hyper Beam, Misaki tells Crustle uses Rock Wrecker on the cage to rescue Koopa Troopa, Bradly tells Snivy uses the Leaf Storm on The Greaser Brothers and destroys the balloon and all are blast off again.

Inside the farm the friends impatiently await the birth of the baby. When farmer Nurse Joy tries to announce Miltank she does not come out and they try to determine where she may be. Suddenly, Misaki hears a mooing sound and they rush backstage to see that the baby has already been born! They then reveal the name to be Puddin' as the episode comes to an end.

Koopa Troopa going Barnyard Home with Goomba and Petey, Bradly and her friends says goodbye for Nurse Joy, Mr. Robot and Mr. Marisa, Bradly and her friends are going home.






Wild AnimalsEdit


These are the wild animals in the farm.

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