Water Bird Pokémon
Species Water Bird Pokémon
Type(s) Type Water/Type Flying
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Yellow
Gender Female

Helen Pelican is named Pelipper as a Middleweight character, Pelipper is name was Helen Pelican as the customers along with Siobhán, Ryan, Ursula, Mia, Naomi, Gabriele and Holly, They does not appeared in Dumb Ways to Die.


Pelipper is a pelican-like Pokémon with no discernible neck. Its head and bill make up the majority of its body. It has white feathers, a yellow underbelly, and a blue head crest. Its large wings have three digits and blue wing tips. It has small, blue webbed feet, a short tail, and eyes that are made of two black semi-circles. It has a large bill and a throat pouch that it uses to carry small Pokémon and eggs and scoop food from the sea. It searches for food by skimming across the wave tops. After scooping the food, Pelipper swallows it in one big gulp. It builds its nest on steep cliffs facing the sea.

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