Lamp Pokémon
Species Lamp Pokémon
Type(s) Type Ghost/Type Fire
Weight Light
Eye color Yellow
Body color Black
Gender Female

Holly Fire Lamp is name was Lampent as a Lightweight character, Lampent name was the Holly Fire Lamp as a customer they along with his customer Siobhán Dodobird, Helen Pelican, Ryan King, Ursula Queen, Mia Meditate, Naomi Whisker Whale and Gabriele Mantle, They doesn't cannot been appeared for the Dumb Ways to Die.


Lampent has a clear, spherical head containing a bluish purple flame and oval, yellow eyes. On top of its head is a black covering, which resembles a lampshade, with a pointed spike on top. Underneath its head is a small, black body with a pointed spike at the bottom. Extending from its body are two long, wavy arms with no fingers. It floats through the air to move.

Lampent can sense when someone is about to die, whom it visits and steals the spirit from the person's body. Though most often found in deep forests, it wanders through cities and hangs around near hospitals to absorb the spirits of the fallen. It uses the spirits it has absorbed to fuel its fire. On occasion, it has been known to work with Litwick to lead people to the Ghost World while stealing life energy.

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