Kirby BD7 Animated
Kirby's art from Bradly's Double 7.
Size Light
Gender Male
Species Ball
Color Pink
Eye color Blue
Hair color None
First Appearance Party Animal!
Latest Appearance The Final Battle!

Kirby is a one of my protagonist character from Bradly's Double 7, They along with Bradly Dobbs, Anika Rashid, Kermit the Frog, Krokorok, Tranquill, Misaki Tsakalos and Grizzly Bear.


Kirby is a small pink human, They have the pink ball with some cheeks, blue eyes, and your mouth, They have the arms and red shoes, Kirby tries to slide and swallows the enemies.


Kirby is going to the adventures with Kermit the Frog a new friends after the party from Party Animal!.


  • Kirby is a not the ball, It but only the human.

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