Nurturing Pokémon
Species Nurturing Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug/Type Grass
Weight Medium
Eye color Red
Body color Yellow
Gender Female

Leavanny is a Middleweight character, Leavanny does not appears for Dumb Ways to Die and the Leavanny is a Female-only as mother, Leavanny is sized medium and they eat the leaves.


Leavanny is a thin, yellow, bipedal insectoid Pokémon. It has a broad, split leaf around its large, round head and it has long antennae that end in semicircles. Its eyes are red with no apparent sclera. Its tiny thorax is dark green, and its long abdomen is yellow and covered in a green leaf. Its hands are long and leaf-like with a "bite" taken out of each. Its upper arms are also leaf-like, but with a vein of yellow at the top. Its thin legs are yellow with dark green, thick segments around its upper legs, making them appear armored.

Leavanny lives in forests. It is very parental and uses its cutters and a sticky silk it produces to create clothing made of leaves for small Pokémon. It also warms its eggs with fermenting fallen leaves.

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