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Let's Go On Adventures!

Let&#039;s Go On Adventures!

Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date
November 20, 2011
Pop Song
Bradly Dobbs is going on the adventures.
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Let's Go On Adventures! is the first episode in Season 1, and the 1st episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Misaki wakes up in the morning tries to say "its time for Bradly's Double 7" when suddenly Oscar is sleeping on the bed and she tells him to wake up, since it's time, but his snoring interupts her. In order to wake him up she brings over a bell, which then surprises Oscar and awakens him. So he says "It's time for Bradly's Double 7!"

Meanwhile, Bradly is waking em up and putting on his clothes, Bradly eating his breakfast, Bradly get the sandles on and the backpack on, Bradly leaves her house, Misaki looks Bradly leaving the house, Bradly runs at Misaki gives a hug, Misaki kisses Bradly's face, Samantha get his binoculars is Bradly walking with mother.

Bradly goes to the party with the reccuring characters opens up to Surprise, Bradly tells oh you guys having birthday party, All the friends are eating foods and having party, Anika gives the present to Bradly, The bad villains take all the birthday party stuff, Matt kidnapped Princess Peach.

Bradly lies down in the ground, Misaki runs to find Bradly is okay, Misaki hold Bradly's hand to get up, Oscar is driving the car, Misaki holding Bradly's hand to walk around the park, Bradly and Misaki are going to the car and on a way from Summit School, Bradly puts on the songplays.

Bradly and his friends getting out of his car to say goodbye to Oscar and going to Summit School, Misaki is going to the Fennel's office to ask Fennel to find Jill, Bradly and her friends are going upstairs to the Room 217 Jill's class, Misaki says hello to Professor Aurea Juniper, Bradly, Misaki, Jill and Aurea Juniper are going outside to stay out back to school.

Meanwhile, Misaki goes to Super C, Dollar Max and iMax to buy stuff for the new house, Misaki builds the new house in the Northern Hemesphere, Bradly is running through the street to Northern Hemesphere with new house, Misaki hugs Bradly they love you, Bradly and Misaki goes back to Summit School frontdoor and stay forever.






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  • The story mode of Bradly is going to the adventures from the Mushroom Kingdom from the Super Mario series.
  • The recurring characters having the party in the forest with some animals.
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