Let's Go On Adventures!

Let's Go On Adventures!

Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date
November 20, 2011
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Bradly Dobbs is going on the adventures.
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Let's Go On Adventures! is the first episode in Season 1, and the 1st episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Meanwhile, Bradly and her friends are going outside with Elisa and some teachers from looking for the comet night, Misaki and Fumiko is escapes from the Ash Pointe St. Charles, Later, The Matt and the Villains are getting in the jet, Matt's jet is coming to the Ash Pointe St. Charles.

Elisa are going to the Happy Clam Day with Clam for the birthday party of King Clam, Everyone is setup the birthday party to say Happy Clam Day for Elisa and Clam, Elisa and Everyone is having the food to eat the foods at Happy Clam Day, Bradly is holding Elisa's hand to get a proud to give you a hug for Happy Clam Day.

Matt's jet is coming and Matt is getting out of this jet, Matt is kidnapped King Clam and the villains are throwing friends off the Happy Clam Day, Matt is taking the King Clam to the jet, Bradly and Elisa is trying to stop the Matt, Matt told him it's too late, the villains are going back to the jet, Bradly and Elisa tells giving back the King Clam, Matt told him it's too late the Matt's jet is leaving.

All the friends are lying down in the grass, All the friends are getting up and trying to wake up Elisa, Elisa tells her friends what happened, Elisa is help to find her friends, Elisa is finding Naomi, Naomi is getting out of his park and Elisa give you Naomi a hug, Goomboss comes and runaway into the school, Zachary and Samantha is finding Mike and Ashley, Mike is trying to wake up Ashley and he is getting out of his bush, Zachary and Samantha is hugging Mike and Ashley, Goomboss comes and runaway into the school, Bradly and Daria is finding Luca and Jessie, Luca is getting down for the tree and Jessie is getting out of his bush, Bradly and Daria hugs Luca and Jessie, Goomboss comes and runaway into the school and hide, Goomboss is coming and Bradly is trying to stop it now with her friends, Elisa is calling her friends to help defeating Goomboss and gets arrested by the cops.

Misaki and Fumiko is going out for finding her friends, They hears the noise is called Fritz is jumping and running, Misaki is trying to stop the Fritz and hit by Hiromi, Misaki and Fumiko says hello to Fritz and Hiromi and they give you a hug, Kathrin is telling Misaki and Fumiko for the Kathrin's Cave with Chris and Nelly, Kathrin is giving a hug for Misaki and Fumiko, Misaki and Fumiko finds Cole and Oscar is fighting with you, Misaki and Fumiko says Hello to Cole and Oscar and they give you a hug, Misaki and Fumiko is going home in the room.

Elisa is giving heroes a hug for arrested Goomboss by helping us, All her friends are going to the hotel, Bradly and her heroes are going to the Northern Hemesphere for by going home now, Elisa is going back to the hotel, Bradly and her heroes are going inside the house and going to sleep at night.

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  • The story mode of Bradly is going to the adventures from the Mushroom Kingdom from the Super Mario series.
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