In the show there are all the antagonists called the villains in Bradly's Double 7, These characters will be genders as Male and Female, These antagonists are split into 3 weight sizes, Those 3 sizes are Light, Medium and Heavy.

Main AntagonistsEdit

Artwork Name Size Gender Category Color
Hayley BD7 Animated
Hayley Medium Female Psycho-Killer Red
Jennifer BD7 Animated
Jennifer Light Female Scout Green
Kevin Han Heavy Male Guts Red
Jeremiah BD7 Animated
Jeremiah Heavy Male Bullying Black
Maximus BD7 Animated
Maximus Heavy Male Sprinter Green
Cheuk-Ken BD7 Animated
Cheuk-Ken Medium Male Smile Green
Vincenzo BD7 Animated
Vincenzo Heavy Male T-Rex Green
Rin BD7 Animated
Rin Tsakalos Light Female Snow Otter Blue

Major AntagonistsEdit

Minor AntagonistsEdit

Artwork Name Size Gender Category Color Appearances
Goomboss Heavy Male King Brown Let's Go On Adventures!
Asteroids BD7 Animated
Asteroids Heavy Genderless Rock Smash Gray Happy Birthday Dobbs!
Major Burrows Heavy Male Digging Brown Major Burrows Gushers!
The Dragon Puppy BD7 Animated
The Dragon Puppy Medium Female Queen Dragon Green Stoutland Puppy!
The Gorilla Gator BD7 Animated
The Gorilla-Gator Heavy Male Swap Switch Brown Stoutland Puppy!
Mugly Heavy Male Monster Frog Yellow Royal Wedding!
The Rotten Tomato BD7 Animated
The Rotten Tomato Medium Genderless Stink Tomato Red The Katarina Special!
Fruit Focus!
Squirrel Light Male Lookout Brown Boy Meets Squirrel!
Firefighter Bradly Saves the World!
The Fruit Fly Medium Male Fruity Fly Gray Boy Meets Squirrel!
The Running of the Bullfrogs!
Duck BD7 Animated
Duck Medium Female Gray Duck Gray Ducks in a Row!
Koopa the Quick Medium Male Turtle Bandit Green Ducks in a Row!
The Rattlesnakes Heavy Male Slithers Gray Ducks in a Row!
Dragon BD7 Animated
Dragon Heavy Female Fire Breating Dragon Red Build Me A Building!
Firefighter Bradly Saves the World!
Monster Machine BD7 Animated
Monster Machine Heavy Genderless Big Truck Purple Humunga-Truck!
Mastrodons Heavy Male Stinky Elephant Gray Who's Going to Play the Big Bad Wolf!
King Bob-Omb BD7 Animated
King Bob-omb Heavy Genderless King Bomb Black The Sizzling Scampinis!
Frog BD7 Animated
Frog Heavy Male Giant Frog Green The Spring Chicken Is Coming!
Miss Butterfly BD7 Animated
Miss Butterfly Medium Female Bad Butterfly Brown The Spring Chicken is Coming!
Harold Heavy Male Father Brown Invited Better Friends!
Fred Fredburger Heavy Male Trunk Green Invited Better Friends!
Tarzan Heavy Male Apeman Brown The Sleeping Bag Prix!
Rabbit Light Male Hare Gray Have a Cow!
Giant Robot Rabbit BD7 Animated
Giant Robot Rabbit Heavy Male Robot Hare Gray Have a Cow!
The Pretzel Quatel BD7 Animated
The Pretzel Quatel Heavy Male Quatel Brown Super Shrimptennial Celebration!
The New Year's Dragon!
Captain Hook Heavy Male Airline Pirate Red Up, Up, and Away!
King Kaliente Heavy Male Hungry Octopus Brown Double Bites!
Cosmic Mario Medium Male Cosmic Blue Double Bites!
Kamella Heavy Female Wizard Weather Purple Sir Oscar the Nice!
Sigilyph Heavy Male Avianoid Black Pharaoh Temple to the Rescue!
Cofagrigus Heavy Female Coffin Yellow Pharaoh Temple to the Rescue!
Boshi Medium Male Rock Dinosaur Blue We Totally Rock!
Chargin Chuck BD7 Animated
Chargin' Chuck Heavy Male Football Player Yellow Basketball!
Cosmic Clone Light Male Invisible Purple Basketball!
Mr. Bright & Mr. Shine Light Female/Male Weather Red/Yellow Food Fights!
King Boo BD7 Animated
King Boo Heavy Male Ghost King White Haunted Barnyard Home!
Eagle Heavy Male Flapping Wings Brown Turkey Bone Vulture!
Bull Heavy Male Twin Tusk Brown Turkey Bone Vulture!
Vulture Medium Male Big Bad Bird Brown Turkey Bone Vulture!
Dry Skull Medium Genderless Head Bone White Graveyard Smash!
Zombie BD7 Animated
Zombie Medium Female Undead Gray Graveyard Smash!
Bouldergeist Heavy Male Boulder Black Graveyard Smash!
Krokorokula Medium Male Desert Croc Brown Krokorokula!
Were-Cole Heavy Male Werewolf Brown Night of the Spooky Pinfoot!
Haunted House Party!
Count Oscaracula Medium Male Count Dracula Black Night of the Spooky Pinfoot!
Haunted House Party!
Mummy Samantha Heavy Female Mummy Brown Night of the Spooky Pinfoot!
Haunted House Party!
Ghost Spirit Fumiko Heavy Female Ghost Spirit White Night of the Spooky Pinfoot!
Haunted House Party!
Bride of FrankenDaria BD7 Animated
Bride of FrankenDaria Medium Female Queen Night Black Night of the Spooky Pinfoot!
Haunted House Party!
FrankenZachary Heavy Male Frankenstein Black Night of the Spooky Pinfoot!
Haunted House Party!
Ghost Medium Male Boo White Haunted House Party!
Broozer BD7 Animated
Broozer Medium Male Boxing Purple Haunted House Party!
Spider Medium Male String Splits Black Spider Splits!
Tarantox Heavy Male Goospider Brown Spider Splits!
Dino Piranha Heavy Female Dino Plant Purple The First Bird!
Subway Train BD7 Animated
Subway Train Heavy Genderless Train Brown Gravity Train Tracks!
Banzai Bill BD7 Animated
Banzai Bill Heavy Genderless Big Bullet Black The Parkdale Chase!
Thwomp BD7 Animated
Thwomp Heavy Genderless Stone Black The Parkdale Chase!
Whomp BD7 Animated
Whomp Heavy Genderless Stone Black The Parkdale Chase!
Shadow Mario Medium Male Water Spirit Blue The Parkdale Chase!
Meta Knight Medium Genderless Knight Purple Gardevoir's Royal Day!
Bugaboom BD7 Animated
Bugaboom Heavy Male Stag Beetle Green Catching Caterpie!
King K. Rool Heavy Male Giant King Green A Tooth on the Looth!
Mouser Medium Male Bandit Purple The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk!
Scar Heavy Male Disaster Brown The Lonely Rhino!
Whispy Wood Heavy Genderless Tree Trunk Brown Foggy Ninja Woods!
Woodpecker Light Female Knocking Red The Legend of Duvetica!
Pac-Man BD7 Animated
Pac-Man Medium Male Mouth Head Yellow Game On!
Sumo Bro. Heavy Male Sumo Brown Gone Bowlin'!
Anteater BD7 Animated
Anteater Heavy Male Anteater Brown Bring on the Bugs!
American Dragon BD7 Animated
American Dragon Heavy Male Chinese New Year Red The New Year's Dragon!
Yeti Heavy Male Sad Yeti White Call a Brambulance!
Stefania Medium Female Fly Jacket Blue Puppy Love!
Wild Weather!
Frankie Medium Female Sweater Gray Puppy Love!
Wild Weather!
Bulldog Heavy Male Angry Dog Brown Puppy Love!
Wild Weather!
Beagle BD7 Animated
Beagle Medium Male Angry Beagle Brown Puppy Love!
Wild Weather!
The Big Bad Wolf Heavy Male Giant Wolf Gray Puppy Love!
Narwhal Medium Male Single Horn Gray The Arctic Life!
Killer Whale Heavy Male Orca Whale Black The Arctic Life!
Tatanga Heavy Male Spaceship Purple The Moon Rocks!
Snifit Light Genderless Cannonball Black Freezy Stickerbrush!
Wasp Light Male Sting Yellow Freezy Stickerbrush!
Stink Samantha Heavy Female Stink Garbage Brown Good Evening, Stink Samantha Diaz!
Amp BD7 Animated
Amp Light Genderless Lightning Ball Black Good Hair Day!
Wizpig Heavy Male Giant Pig Purple The Final Stampede!
Metal Mario Heavy Male Metal Gray Gray The Final Stampede!
Kracko Heavy Female Storm Cloud White Wild Weather!
King Dedede Heavy Male Kitchen Penguin White Trouble in the Kitchen!
Buffalo Heavy Male Buffalo Brown Having Buffalo!
Bouffalant Heavy Male Bash Buffalo Brown Having Buffalo!
Mecha-Koopa Medium Genderless Mechanical Green Sticky Situation!
Rex Medium Male Runaway Dinosaur Purple The Police Cop-etition!
Shroob Light Male Alien Purple The Amusement Parking Lot!
Tyrannosaurus Rex Heavy Male Roar Green Can You Dig It!
The Mystery Bandit BD7 Animated
The Mystery Bandit Heavy Male Angry Bandit Brown The Mystery Bandit!
The Leopard Seal Heavy Female Seal Purple The Easter Bunny!
Bully Heavy Genderless Rushing Black Captain Shell-Out!
Gooper Blooper Heavy Male Giant Squid Gray The Summer Fun!
Thugly Heavy Male Fireburst Purple The Unidentified Flying Orchestra!
Sledge Bro. Heavy Male Sledgehammer Green Check It Out!
Porcupuffer Heavy Female Porcufish Purple Tidal Terror!
Squid Heavy Female Giant Squid Brown Tidal Terror!
The Big Monkey BD7 Animated
The Big Monkey Heavy Male Giant Monkey Gray Party at Sea!
Peewee Piranha Heavy Female Egg Purple Costume Boxing!
Shark Heavy Male Bite Gray Dolphin is the Bradly's Best Friends!
Blargg BD7 Animated
Blargg Heavy Male Lava Red Monster Madness!
Colonel Pluck Heavy Female Chicken White Colonel Pluck!
Skunk Medium Female Stink Purple Come to Your Senses!
Lakithunder Light Male Deep Black Lighting Electricity!
The Running Nose BD7 Animated
The Running Nose Medium Male Stampede Yellow Double Scrubbies!

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Enemies AntagonistsEdit

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