In the show there are all the characters in Bradly's Double 7, These characters will be genders as Male and Female, These characters are split into 3 weight sizes, Those 3 sizes are Light, Medium and Heavy.


Artwork Name Size Gender Category Color
Bradly BD7 Animated
Bradly Medium Male Sunshine White
Misaki BD7 Animated
Misaki Medium Female Princess Witch Purple
Stoutland Puppy BD7 Animated
Stoutland Medium Male Puppy White


Artwork Name Size Gender Category Color
Shawna Heavy Female Fat Guy Green
Kayden Light Male Baby Blue
Anika BD7 Animated
Anika Medium Female Crystal Pearl Purple
Chloe Medium Female Squirrel Daisy Brown
Dena Light Female Style Girl Black
Dean Medium Male Jungle Brown
Nikhil Medium Male Sidekick Green
Yoshi BD7 Animated
Yoshi Medium Male Dinosaur Green
Birdo BD7 Animated
Birdo Medium Female Red Bow Red
Diddy Kong BD7 Animated
Diddy Kong Medium Male Monkey Red
Goomba BD7 Animated
Goomba Light Male Monster Brown
Paratroopa BD7 Animated
Paratroopa Light Female Winged Turtle Red
Pokey BD7 Animated
Pokey Heavy Female Spiked Caterpillar Yellow
Koopa Troopa BD7 Animated
Koopa Troopa Light Male Shell Shock Green
Boo BD7 Animated
Boo Medium Male Vampire Ghost White
Wiggler BD7 Animated
Wiggler Medium Female Spotted Caterpillar Brown
Magikoopa BD7 Animated
Magikoopa Medium Male Wizard Blue
Shy Guy BD7 Animated
Shy Guy Light Male Shy Masked Red
Hammer Bro. BD7 Animated
Hammer Bro. Medium Male Hammer Arm Green
Bob-Omb BD7 Animated
Bob-Omb Light Genderless Bomb Blue
Piranha Plant BD7 Animated
Piranha Plant Heavy Female Plant Pipe Green
Bullet Bill BD7 Animated
Bullet Bill Medium Genderless Rocket Bullet Black
Chain Chomp BD7 Animated
Chain Chomp Heavy Genderless Dog Head Blue
Luma BD7 Animated
Luma Light Genderless Swirly Star Yellow
Blooper BD7 Animated
Blooper Medium Male Squid White
Monty Mole BD7 Animated
Monty Mole Light Male Digging Brown
Dry Bones BD7 Animated
Dry Bones Medium Male Undead Black
Buzzy Beetle BD7 Animated
Buzzy Beetle Light Female Beetle Blue
Spiny BD7 Animated
Spiny Light Male Spiked Shell Red
Spike BD7 Animated
Spike Heavy Male Guts Green
Cheep-Cheep BD7 Animated
Cheep-Cheep Light Male Winged Fish Red
Lakitu BD7 Animated
Red Lakitu Light Male Sky Scout Red
Noki Medium Female Shellfish Blue
Haley Medium Female Human Gray
Toad BD7 Animated
Toad Light Male Mushroom Head Red
Paragoomba BD7 Animated
Paragoomba Light Male Winged Monster Brown
Carlos Heavy Male Rocker Blue Blue
Tyler Medium Male Mystery Green
Waffle BD7 Animated
Waffle Medium Male American Curl Gray
El Tigre BD7 Animated
El Tigre Medium Male Fake Bandit Brown
Jenny Wakeman BD7 Animated
Jenny Medium Female Prince Robot Green
Kermit BD7 Animated
Kermit Medium Male Frog Green
Kirby BD7 Animated
Kirby Light Male Ball Pink
Sonic Medium Male Hedgehog Blue
Tails Medium Male Fox Brown
Daisy BD7 Animated
Daisy Medium Female Blossom Brown
Rosalina Medium Female Star Wish Green
Knuckles Medium Male Echidna Red
Amy Rose Medium Female Queen Rose Pink
Petey Heavy Female Plant Chomp Green
Blaze Medium Female Princess Cat Purple
Cream Medium Female Rabbit Brown
Chao Light Female Tiny Chao Blue
Silver Medium Male Bright Silver White
Shadow Medium Male Deep Dark Black
DK BD7 Animated
Donkey Kong Heavy Male Ape Brown
Mickey Mouse BD7 Animated
Mickey Mouse Medium Male Mouse Black
Ice King BD7 Animated
Ice King Heavy Male Catches Cold Blue
Olimar BD7 Animated
Olimar Medium Male Astronaut White
Pikmin BD7 Animated
Pikmin Light Male
Plant Red
Grumpy BD7 Animated
Grumpy Heavy Male Angry Elf Gray
Bloo BD7 Animated
Bloo Heavy Male Monster Caterpillar Blue
Spotarecirt BD7 Animated
Spotarecirt Heavy Male Triceratops Yellow
Bulborb BD7 Animated
Bulborb Heavy Male Bulb Dinosaur Red
Dragular BD7 Animated
Dragular Heavy Male Dragon Snake Green
Matteo Heavy Male Pillow Plush Yellow
Grizzly Bear BD7 Animated
Bear Heavy Male Grizzly Bear Brown
Dinosaur BD7 Animated
Dinosaur Heavy Male Sharp Teeth Green
Pig BD7 Animated
Pig Light Male Oink Pink
Rattlesnake BD7 Animated
Rattlesnake Medium Male Slither Snake Brown
King Toadstool BD7 Animated
King Toadstool Light Male Mushroom Kingdom White
Pink Yoshi BD7 Animated
Pink Yoshi Medium Female Rose Pink Pink
Yellow Yoshi BD7 Animated
Yellow Yoshi Medium Male Sun Yellow
Cyan Yoshi BD7 Animated
Cyan Yoshi Medium Male Cyan Blue Blue
Vector Heavy Male Crocodile Green
Espio Medium Male Chameleon Purple
Charmy Bee Light Male Wasp Yellow
Baby Mario Light Male Plumber Red
Baby Luigi Light Male Plumber Green
Baby Peach Light Female Princess Pink
Baby Daisy Light Female Blossom Brown
Baby DK Light Male Baby Kong Brown
Pianta BD7 Animated
Pianta Medium Male Fruit Green
Boom Boom BD7 Animated
Boom Boom Heavy Male Earthquake Red
R.O.B. Heavy Genderless Space Robot Brown
Michelle Medium Female Tiger Queen Black
Alanna Medium Female Haired Ponytail Red
Gloria Medium Female Prince White
Jordyn Medium Female Clue Black
Erica Medium Female Squared Jacket Red
Victor BD7 Animated
Victor Heavy Male Flame Tiger Red
Jake BD7 Animated
Jake Medium Male Pluck Egg Chicken White
Theo BD7 Animated
Theo Medium Male Rock'n Roll Purple
Martin BD7 Animated
Martin Heavy Male Bone Anteater Black
Emily BD7 Animated
Emily Heavy Female Gym Kangaroo Red
Keiko BD7 Animated
Keiko Medium Female Stinky Skunk Green
Susana BD7 Animated
Susana Medium Female Dancing Bee Yellow
Rambi BD7 Animated
Rambi Heavy Male Rhino Charge Gray
Squawks BD7 Animated
Squawks Light Male Green Parrot Green
Ellie BD7 Animated
Ellie Heavy Male Large Elephant Gray
Squitter BD7 Animated
Squitter Medium Male Spider Split Red
Winky BD7 Animated
Winky Medium Male Jumbo Frog Green
Pikachu BD7 Animated
Pikachu Light Male Mouse Yellow
Psyduck BD7 Animated
Psyduck Light Female Duck Yellow
Charizard BD7 Animated
Charizard Heavy Male Flame Red
Aggron BD7 Animated
Aggron Heavy Male Iron Armor Gray
Bulbasaur BD7 Animated
Bulbasaur Light Male Seed Green
Squirtle BD7 Animated
Squirtle Light Male Tiny Turtle Blue
Togepi BD7 Animated
Togepi Light Female Egg White
Piplup BD7 Animated
Piplup Light Female Penguin Blue
Vulpix BD7 Animated
Vulpix Light Female Fox Brown
Axew BD7 Animated
Axew Light Male Tusk Green
Dodrio BD7 Animated
Dodrio Heavy Female Triple Bird Brown
Simisear BD7 Animated
Simisear Heavy Male Ember Red
Lilligant BD7 Animated
Lilligant Heavy Female Flowering Green
Cinccino BD7 Animated
Cinccino Medium Female Scarf Gray
Scraggy BD7 Animated
Scraggy Light Male Shedding Yellow
Fearow BD7 Animated
Fearow Heavy Male Beak Brown
Golduck BD7 Animated
Golduck Medium Female Duck Blue
Croagunk BD7 Animated
Croagunk Medium Male Toxic Mouth Blue
Growlithe BD7 Animated
Growlithe Light Male Puppy Brown
Duosion BD7 Animated
Duosion Medium Male Mitosis Green
Rufflet BD7 Animated
Rufflet Light Male Eaglet White
Vullaby BD7 Animated
Vullaby Light Female Diapared Brown
Ninetales BD7 Animated
Ninetales Heavy Female Fox Yellow
Staraptor BD7 Animated
Staraptor Heavy Male Predator Brown
Metagross BD7 Animated
Metagross Heavy Genderless Iron Claw Blue
Galvantula BD7 Animated
Galvantula Heavy Male EleSpider Yellow
Beartic BD7 Animated
Beartic Heavy Male Freezing White
Scolipede BD7 Animated
Scolipede Heavy Female Megapede Red
Mienshao BD7 Animated
Mienshao Medium Female Martial Arts Purple
Camerupt BD7 Animated
Camerupt Heavy Male Eruption Red
Blastoise BD7 Animated
Blastoise Heavy Male Shellfish Blue
Drapion BD7 Animated
Drapion Heavy Male Ogre Scorpion Purple
Ursaring BD7 Animated
Ursaring Heavy Male Hibernator Brown
Tauros BD7 Animated
Tauros Medium Male Wild Bull Brown
Donphan BD7 Animated
Donphan Heavy Male Armor Gray
Shiftry BD7 Animated
Shiftry Heavy Male Whicked Brown
Garchomp BD7 Animated
Garchomp Heavy Male Mach Blue
Luxray BD7 Animated
Luxray Medium Male Gleam Eyes Blue
Arbok BD7 Animated
Arbok Heavy Male Cobra Purple
Rhydon BD7 Animated
Rhydon Heavy Male Drill Gray
Nidoking BD7 Animated
Nidoking Heavy Male Drill Purple
Tyranitar BD7 Animated
Tyranitar Heavy Male Armor Green
Sandslash BD7 Animated
Sandslash Medium Male Mouse Yellow
Nidoqueen BD7 Animated
Nidoqueen Heavy Female Drill Blue
Machamp BD7 Animated
Machamp Heavy Male Superpower Gray
Machoke BD7 Animated
Machoke Heavy Male Superpower Gray
Magnemite BD7 Animated
Magnemite Light Genderless Magnet Gray
Skarmory BD7 Animated
Skarmory Medium Male Armor Bird Gray
Houndoom BD7 Animated
Houndoom Medium Male Dark Black
Absol BD7 Animated
Absol Medium Male Disaster White
Mightyena BD7 Animated
Mightyena Medium Male Bite Gray
Pansage BD7 Animated
Pansage Light Male Grass Monkey Green
Stunfisk BD7 Animated
Stunfisk Medium Male Trap Brown
Crustle BD7 Animated
Crustle Heavy Male Stone Home Red
Dragonite BD7 Animated
Dragonite Heavy Male Dragon Brown
Excadrill BD7 Animated
Excadrill Heavy Male Subterrene Gray
Emolga BD7 Animated
Emolga Light Female Sky Squirrel White
Torterra BD7 Animated
Torterra Heavy Male Continent Green
Grotle BD7 Animated
Grotle Heavy Male Grove Green
Deerling BD7 Animated
Deerling Medium Female Season Yellow
Pidgeotto BD7 Animated
Pidgeotto Heavy Female Bird Brown
Heracross BD7 Animated
Heracross Medium Male Single Horn Blue
Swellow BD7 Animated
Swellow Heavy Female Swallow Blue
Sceptile BD7 Animated
Sceptile Heavy Male Forest Green
Cubone BD7 Animated
Cubone Light Male Lonely Brown
Muk BD7 Animated
Muk Heavy Male Sludge Purple
Magneton BD7 Animated
Magneton Medium Genderless Magnet Gray
Raticate BD7 Animated
Raticate Medium Male Mouse Brown
Venomoth BD7 Animated
Venomoth Medium Female Poison Moth Purple
Kingler BD7 Animated
Kingler Heavy Male Pincer Red
Lucario BD7 Animated
Lucario Medium Male Aura Blue
Electabuzz BD7 Animated
Electabuzz Medium Male Electric Yellow
Magmar BD7 Animated
Magmar Medium Male Spitfire Red
Noctowl BD7 Animated
Golden Noctowl Medium Male Owl Brown
Altaria BD7 Animated
Altaria Medium Female Humming Blue
Swanna BD7 Animated
Swanna Heavy Female White Bird White
Snorlax BD7 Animated
Snorlax Heavy Male Sleeping Black
Chansey BD7 Animated
Chansey Medium Female Egg Pink
Drowzee BD7 Animated
Drowzee Medium Male Hypnosis Yellow
Raichu BD7 Animated
Raichu Medium Male Mouse Yellow
Vanillish BD7 Animated
Vanillish Medium Male Icy Snow White
Scrafty BD7 Animated
Scrafty Light Male Hoodlum Red
Fraxure BD7 Animated
Fraxure Medium Male Axe Jaw Green
Mandibuzz BD7 Animated
Mandibuzz Heavy Female Bone Vulture Brown
Onix BD7 Animated
Golden Onix Heavy Male Rock Snake Gray
Geodude BD7 Animated
Geodude Medium Male Rock Brown
Rhyhorn BD7 Animated
Rhyhorn Medium Male Spikes Gray
Boldore BD7 Animated
Boldore Medium Male Ore Blue
Leavanny BD7 Animated
Leavanny Medium Male Nurturing Yellow
Pigntie BD7 Animated
Pignite Medium Male Fire Pig Red
Snivy BD7 Animated
Snivy Light Female Grass Snake Green
Oshawott BD7 Animated
Oshawott Light Male Sea Otter Blue
Palpitoad BD7 Animated
Palpitoad Medium Male Vibration Blue
Krookodile BD7 Animated
Sandile -> Krokorok -> Krookodile Heavy Male Imtimidation Red
Unfezant BD7 Animated
Tranquill -> Male Unfezant Heavy Male Proud Gray
Hitmonlee BD7 Animated
Hitmonlee Medium Male Kicking Brown
Venusaur BD7 Animated
Venusaur Heavy Male Seed Green
Dewgong BD7 Animated
Dewgong Heavy Male Sea Lion White
Rapidash BD7 Animated
Rapidash Medium Female Fire Horse Yellow
Wigglytuff BD7 Animated
Wigglytuff Medium Female Balloon Pink
Vileplume BD7 Animated
Vileplume Heavy Male Flower Red
Starmie BD7 Animated
Starmie Medium Genderless Mysterious Purple
Lapras BD7 Animated
Lapras Heavy Female Transport Blue
Vaporeon BD7 Animated
Vaporeon Medium Female Bubble Jet Blue
Zoroark BD7 Animated
Zoroark Heavy Male Illusion Fox Gray
Yanma BD7 Animated
Yanma Medium Male Clear Wings Red
Stantler BD7 Animated
Stantler Medium Male Big Horn Brown
Lickitung BD7 Animated
Lickitung Medium Male Licking Pink
Politoed BD7 Animated
Politoed Medium Male Frog Green
Mamoswine BD7 Animated
Piloswine -> Mamoswine Heavy Male Twin Tusk Brown
Primeape BD7 Animated
Primeape Medium Male Pig Monkey Brown
Kangaskhan BD7 Animated
Kangaskhan Heavy Female Parent Brown
Slowbro BD7 Animated
Slowbro Medium Male Hermit Crab Pink
Zebstrika BD7 Animated
Zebstrika Heavy Male Thunderbolt Black
Swampert BD7 Animated
Swampert Heavy Male Mud Fish Blue
Blaziken BD7 Animated
Blaziken Heavy Male Blaze Red
Infernape BD7 Animated
Infernape Heavy Male Flame Brown
Buizel BD7 Animated
Buizel Light Male Sea Weasel Brown
Gliscor BD7 Animated
Gliscor Heavy Male Fang Scorpion Purple
Corphish BD7 Animated
Corphish Light Male Ruffian Red
Glalie BD7 Animated
Glalie Heavy Male Face Gray
Bayleef BD7 Animated
Bayleef Medium Female Leaf Green
Quilava BD7 Animated
Quilava Medium Male Volcano Yellow
Torkoal BD7 Animated
Torkoal Medium Male Coal Brown
Exeggutor BD7 Animated
Exeggutor Medium Male Coconut Yellow
Alakazam BD7 Animated
Alakazam Heavy Male Psi Brown
Feraligatr BD7 Animated
Feraligatr Heavy Male Big Jaw Blue
Scyther BD7 Animated
Scyther Medium Female Mantis Green
Seadra BD7 Animated
Seadra Medium Male Dragon Blue
Gyarados BD7 Animated
Red Gyarados Heavy Male Atrocious Red
Tentacruel BD7 Animated
Tentacruel Heavy Male Jellyfish Blue
Pinsir BD7 Animated
Pinsir Medium Male Stag Beetle Brown
Parasect BD7 Animated
Parasect Medium Male Mushroom Red
Machop BD7 Animated
Machop Medium Male Superpower Gray
Cranidos BD7 Animated
Cranidos Light Male Head Butt Blue


Artwork Name Size Gender Category Color
Jill Medium Female Teacher Pink
Peach Medium Female Princess Pink
Yellow Toad BD7 Animated
Yellow Toad Light Male Mushroom Head Yellow
Blue Toad BD7 Animated
Blue Toad Light Male Mushroom Head Blue
Toadette BD7 Animated
Toadette Light Female Mushroom Pigtails Pink
Toadsworth BD7 Animated
Toadsworth Medium Male Mushroom Professor Brown
Enguarde the Swordfish Medium Male Swordfish Blue
Sakura Medium Female Angry Beaver Pink
Lucia Heavy Female Angry Beaver Brown
Nurse Joy Medium Female Nurse Pink
Audino Medium Female Hearing Pink
Aurea Juniper Heavy Female Professor Gray
Officer Jenny Medium Female Police Officer Brown
Herdier Medium Male Loyal Dog Gray
Cedric Juniper Heavy Male Escape Brown
Fennel Heavy Female Doctor Gray
Munna Light Female Dream Eater Pink
Musharna Heavy Female Drowsing Pink
Drifblim Medium Female Blimp Purple
Drifloon Light Female Balloon Purple
Bronzong Medium Genderless Bronze Bell Green
Bronzor Light Genderless Bronze Green
Robot Medium Genderless Robot Gray
Mr. Marisa Medium Female Teacher Yellow
Miyu Light Female Mouse Purple
Haru Medium Female Super Squirrel Green
Mia Medium Female Chicken Yellow
Fumiko BD7 Animated
Fumiko Heavy Female Princess Snail Green
Oscar BD7 Animated
Oscar Medium Male Growl Tiger Green
Cole Heavy Male Fake Crocodile Blue
Funky Kong Heavy Male Summer White
Cranky Kong Medium Male Break Crane Brown
Elgyem Light Male Cerebral Blue
Daria BD7 Animated
Daria Medium Female Belt Stomache Yellow
Harlan Medium Male Fake Bandit Green
Amit Medium Male Wooden Brown Brown
Lanna Medium Female Sun Yellow
Samantha BD7 Animated
Samantha Medium Female Cave Brown
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