Bone Vulture Pokémon
Species Bone Vulture Pokémon
Type(s) Type Dark/Type Flying
Weight Heavy
Eye color Red
Body color Brown
Gender Female

Putz Dodobird is named Putz was a Heavyweight character, Mandibuzz as the Putz Dodobird be the vulture turkey with back of ponytail, Putz Dodobird only Female.


Mandibuzz is a vulture-like Pokémon, particularly resembling a turkey vulture. It has a bare, pink head and neck, along with a notched black beak and red eyes. There are black eyelashes or eyeliner-like markings above its eyes. A long brown tuft with a bone in the middle extends from the back of its head. It has a tan ruff at the base of its neck, and shaggy darker brown wings with gray tips. Mandibuzz also has shaggy brown tail feathers. It has decorated itself with bones — a jaw with sharp teeth — to form a skirt. Its pink feet have black talons. Mandibuzz lives in nests made from the bones it finds. Weakened prey is dragged back to this nest after Mandibuzz swoops down on it from the sky. Mandibuzz is a female only species with no true male counterpart.

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