Owl Pokémon
Species Owl Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal/Type Flying
Weight Medium
Eye color Red
Body color Brown
Gender Male

Noctowl is a Middleweight character, Noctowl is a male character as the owl for Winnie the Pooh, Noctowl does not appears in Dumb Ways to Die.


Noctowl bears similarity to an owl with brown plumage and has a darker brown triangle pattern of feathers running down its chest. Its wings and wedge-shaped tail are dark brown, while the underside of its wings is light brown. It has bushy, cream-colored feather 'horns' that look similar to a trident or eyebrows. The ring pattern around its eyes and its talons are cream colored, and Noctowl's beak and talons are light pink. Additionally, Noctowl's irises are red. As shown in the the anime, Noctowl can grow a small beard in its elderly stages.

Noctowl is a nocturnal Pokémon. It has exceptional hearing and eyesight, can fly silently, and can turn its heads at a 180° angle to increase its intellect. Noctowl is most commonly found nesting in trees and forests.

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