Stag Beetle Pokémon
Species Stag Beetle Pokémon
Type(s) Type Bug
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Brown
Gender Male

Pinsir is a Middleweight character, Pinsir appears in Dumb Ways to Die as one of Dress up like a moose during hunting season just like Botch, But Pinsir's body just killed with a blood as moose and Pinsir's friends along with Parasect.


Pinsir is a bipedal Pokémon with a wide, dull brown body and a large pair of gray, spiky pincers on top of its head. In its mouth are many long, flat teeth arranged horizontally. Its legs are short and thick while its arms are long and thin, and each limb ends with three grey claws. Pinsir's limbs and abdomen are divided into segments. Its eyes are simple, but usually appear angry.

It can use its pincers to crush, toss, bludgeon, or tear opponents, lift things twice its weight, and shatter logs. Captured prey is kept in place by the piercing thorns and sheer strength of Pinsir's horns, and will not be released until they are torn in half. In addition to hunting prey, the anime has shown that it enjoys tree sap. Pinsir lives deep in the forest, where it burrows underground or hides in the treetops on nights cold enough to render it immobile.

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