Heat Butt Pokémon
Species Heat Butt Pokémon
Type(s) Type Rock
Weight Heavy
Eye color Red
Body color Red
Gender Male

Reite is named Rampardos was a Heavyweight supporting character, Rampardos is called Reite are the male-only character with no female counterpart and they along with Bruce as Bastiodon are the dinosaur brothers, They does not appeared for Dumb Ways to Die.


Rampardos is a large, brown-gray dinosaur-like Pokémon resembling a Pachycephalosaurus. It has a dome head, which obstructs its red eyes. It has red stripes, one on its tail and one on each of its knees and wrists. It has various spikes: one on each knee, two on its red collar on its neck, two short ones on its nose, and four on its head. Two of these head spikes are bigger than the other two. Its strength lies within its fierce head-butting attacks. A charging Rampardos can knock down virtually anything with one hit. It enjoys barging into objects with its head to train its strength and reflexes. 100 million years ago, it lived in jungles, where it tore down jungle trees while catching prey.

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