Wedding for Anika and Wild Yoshi's Egg!


Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date
December 4, 2011
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Wedding for Anika and Wild Yoshi's Egg! is the fifth episode in Season 1, and the 5th episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Jennifer is hunting to find the Yoshi's Egg in the bush, Jennifer touches Yoshi's Egg and Krokorok attacked Jennifer and steals Yoshi's Egg, Krokorok scared of Grotle and Dodrio.

Krokorok gets inside the house talk to Bradly tells Krokorok is not afraid, Bradly calls her Professor Aurea Juniper of the wild Dodrio and Grotle, Grotle fighting Dodrio, Robot stops fighting, Chloe goes to the house and Krokorok gives Yoshi's Egg to Chloe, Bradly and her friends are leaving his house.

Bradly and her friends are going out to see Officer Jenny and Herdier, Officer Jenny talks to Chloe, Keiko, Grotle and Dodrio comes with your friends, Keiko talks to Officer Jenny until Officer Jenny leaves.

Bradly and her friends are going head to class, All the friends sitting on her table and say Good Morning Mr. Marisa, Bradly and her friends are sitting down and Chloe brought Yoshi's Egg to Mr. Marisa, Mr. Marisa talks to the Chloe, Mr. Marisa tells do the songplays will be Bradly.

Mr. Marisa and class are going to the assembly, Victor is wearing the black suit for wedding and Anika is wearing the cocoon wedding dress, Anika and Victor gets inside the coffin, Simone pushing the coffin, Jeremiah and Maximus opens the curtains, Anika and Victor gets off the coffin, Anika and Victor dancing and until take a bow.

Mr. Marisa tells all the class time to go outside and play, All the class line up and go outside, All the friends playing outside in the beautiful day, Bradly walks to find the Victor and Anika, Meanwhile Meganium to beware, Meganium scares Bradly and hides inside the bush, Bradly throws the fruits on Meganium's mouth, Bradly saves Victor and Anika to the rescue, Meganium tried Bradly stops the Meganium, All the villains to steal Victor and Anika, Vincenzo steals Yoshi's Egg, Bradly and her friends fights against the villains, Bradly tells Tranquill uses the Quick Attack on Vincenzo, Jeremiah sends out his Golem uses the Hyper Beam on Bradly, Chloe tells Bradly is okay, Vincenzo steals Yoshi's Egg, Bradly tells give Yoshi's Egg back, Vincenzo says Bradly no, Vincenzo tells get him, Hayley, Maximus, Cheuk-Ken, Rin, Alyssa, Jackie, Kevin, Bares, Ignis, Jackie and Pierre sends out his friends, Vincenzo sends out his Braviary, Bradly tells stop and gives Yoshi's Egg back, Bradly rides on Dodrio, Meanwhile Jeremiah and Maximus tells Golem uses Sandstorm with Graveler, Keiko tells Rufflet and Vullaby uses Air Slash on Golem and Graveler, Bradly riding Dodrio and hop on Braviary and Bradly tells Dodrio uses Fury Attack and kills Braviary, Scrafty uses Hydro Kick to kill Vincenzo and Braviary at Team Chan, Grotle uses the Leaf Storm at all the villains at the Team Chan and Vincenzo, Chloe get his Yoshi's Egg and Bradly rescues Anika and Victor, Vincenzo tells No and Braviary uses Fly, Bradly tells Tranquill uses Wind on Braviary and destroys the balloon and all the villains are blast off again.

Bradly tells Victor and Anika is okay, All the friends are going to the nurse for Nurse Joy tells Yoshi gets out of the egg, Chloe says Thank You for Nurse Joy, Yoshi is back was the best friends with Dodrio and Grotle, All the friends are leaving school, Bradly and her friends are going home and All the minor characters are going barnyard home with Victor, Anika is leaving now.


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