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Royal Wedding!

Royal Wedding!

Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date
December 18, 2011
Pop Song
The Bradly's friends are going to the wedding.
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Royal Wedding! is the fifth episode in Season 1, and the 5th episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Misaki puts on the cocoon wedding dress with hood on and "It's time for Bradly's Double 7", Bradly is putting on his black jacket on, Bradly buttons em up and Bradly lose the button, Misaki get his button back to Bradly to button up, Bradly and Misaki says "It's time for Bradly's Double 7".

Meanwhile, Bradly and his friends are going out on the way for Barnyard House, Misaki and Bradly are going to see the wedding, Kathrin and David hugs and take a bow, Kathrin gives the rose to Misaki, Misaki kisses Kathrin, Bradly and Misaki goes to the Barnyard House, When she arrives, she tells them what she saw and what happened, and they all begin to think about the important things one needs to go to the royal wedding. Bradly then sings: Wedding Monday.

Anika and Victor pretend to be the wedding in the stage from outside, Anika gives Victor for a hug, Anika gives flower to Victor, Meanwhile, The villains push Anika and Victor in the coffin, The bad guys steals Anika and Victor, Misaki tries to stop the villains, Vincenzo sending out Braviary, Misaki tells Oshawott uses the Aqua Jet on Braviary, Braviary falls into Vincenzo, Misaki take care for wedding coffin, Misaki tells Boldore uses the Flash Cannon on all bad guys, Misaki gets Victor and Anika out of his wedding coffin.

All the friends are going outside and play, with Anika and Victor pretending to be a wedding, Susana tells the story of two beaver weddings, Two Beaver Weddings are finding the Sakura is okay, Suddenly Russell, Anika, Victor and Sakura is going in the truck and drives, Anika and Victor tells Lucia he is sad, Anika and Victor hugs Lucia, The Russell chase Anika, Victor, Sakura and Lucia, They gets in the truck and drives really fast. Russell chases Beaver Weddings and drives goes left and right. Beaver Weddings says sorry to Russell, Anika and Victor hugs Elisa.

All the friends are going to the wedding ceremony, Abby the mayor are welcome to wedding ceremoy, Abby is opening the curtains will be wedding coffin opens, Kathrin and David gets out coffin, Kathrin kisses David in the face, Kathrin and David is dancing, Kathrin and David is taking the bow and he closes the curtains end of the wedding, All the friends are clapping his hands.

Meanwhile, Bradly and his friends to say goodbye to reccuring characters and reccuring characters are going back to the Barnyard House, Misaki says goodbye to Abby and Bradly says goodbye for Kathrin and David, They going back home now.






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