Eaglet Pokémon
Species Eaglet Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal/Type Flying
Weight Light
Eye color Black
Body color White
Gender Male

Rufflet is a Lightweight Character, Rufflet appears as brother along with sister as Vullaby.


Rufflet is a small avian Pokémon with a blue body. A large white plume of feathers covers its head and three tail feathers extend from its lower back. The feathery ruff extends down past its neck, covering the upper third of its body. Its face is blue with five pointed tips, resembling a mask and crown in contrast to the white feathers surrounding it. Extending from its forehead is a large feather, which is red on the lower half and white on the upper half. The split between the two colors on the feather resembles a zigzag pattern. Rufflet's beak is short and wide, with large eyes on either side. Each eye has a thick black iris with a small white pupil. Its yellow legs and feet are large in comparison to the body. Each foot has four digits: one backwards, and three forwards. The thick, black talons on its feet are strong enough to break even the hardest of berries. Rufflet is extremely aggressive and knowingly provokes opponents larger and more powerful than itself. It sees this as a means of quickly getting stronger.

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