Vibration Pokémon
Species Vibration Pokémon
Type(s) Type Water/Type Ground
Weight Heavy
Eye color Black
Body color Blue
Gender Male

Calamity Frog is named Calamity as a Heavyweight character, Seismitoad name was Calamity Frog and they does not appeared for Dumb Ways to Die.


Seismitoad is a bulky, blue, bipedal toad-like Pokémon. Its underside and the speaker-like bumps found on various parts of its body are cyan with black edges around the belly. Its hands and feet have three bulbous digits. Additionally, Seismitoad have red eyes, cyan adornments on its legs, and a long tongue. The various lumps on its body have varying capabilities. The ones on its head can shoot a paralyzing liquid, while the ones on its hands can be vibrated to increase its punching power. It can also vibrate the lumps as a source of torment for its opponents

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