Shield Pokémon
Species Shield Pokémon
Type(s) Type Rock/Type Steel
Weight Light
Eye color Black
Body color Gray
Gender Male

Norbert the Shieldon named Norbert is a Lightweight character, Shieldon named Norbert they does not appeared for Dumb Ways to Die.


Shieldon is a small, yellow, ceratopsian-like reptilian Pokémon. It has white toes and a white bump on its back. Shieldon has a dark-gray elliptical face, with a prominent white brow and a white rim on its black snout. Its facial hide is extremely hard; however, it is vulnerable when attacked from behind. 100 million years ago, Shieldon lived in dense forests. It has a habit of polishing its face against tree trunks. It eats grass and Berries.

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