Avianoid Pokémon
Species Avianoid Pokémon
Type(s) Type Psychic/Type Flying
Weight Heavy
Eye color Blue
Body color Black
Gender Male

George Cedric is named Sigilyph was a Heavyweight character, Sigilyph is called the George Cedric and they along with female counterpart as Kathrin Cofagrigus and they does not appeared in Dumb Ways to Die.


Sigilyph is a spherical Pokémon, possessing two cyan eyes with a third on a black appendage on top of its head. Sigilyph has a pair of wings and a tail that are yellow with blue and red stripes on each of the "feathers", two black-colored three-toed "feet", and two small spikes at its base. Sigilyph will use its psychic powers to attack anyone who invades its territory. Due to it retaining memories from when it guarded an ancient city, it apparently flies along the same route constantly.

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