Ember Pokémon
Species Ember Pokémon
Type(s) Type Fire
Weight Medium
Eye color Black
Body color Red
Gender Male

Simisear is a Middleweight character, Simisear appears in the Dumb Ways to Die Special 1 for Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place, But Simisear along with Cinccino, Lilligant, Croagunk and Scraggy.


Simisear is a simian Pokémon that is primarily red. Its ears are broad with orange insides, and it has oval eyes and a small black nose. It has a swirled, flame-like tuft on its head with a smaller tuft on either side of it. Simisear has white shoulder ruffs, and a cream-colored face, chest, fingers and toes. Its hands have five fingers, and its feet have three toes. Its fluffy, swirled tail resembles a flame. There is a flame inside its body, which it fuels with sweet foods. It is also capable of scattering embers from its tail and the tufts on its head.

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