Meteorite Pokémon
Species Meteorite Pokémon
Type(s) Type Rock/Type Psychic
Weight Medium
Eye color Red
Body color Red
Gender Genderless

Solrock is a Middleweight character, Solrock is a Genderless character along with Lunatone are the best friends.


Solrock is a primarily orange, spherical Pokémon. It has eight yellow, rocky spines extending from the sides of its body, and multiple small, yellow stony bumps running vertically along its center. On its back are dual rocky mounds, situated to the sides of the midline. Its large eyes consist of thick, semicircular yellow eyelids through which black sclera and red pupils can be seen. A black ring with six extensions surrounds each eye.

Solrock relies on solar energy, which it absorbs in groups during daylight. While it is always expressionless, it is able to sense the emotions and thoughts of others. It spins its body to produce intense heat and a blinding light. It is able to stay silent while floating in the air, and can be found in caves.

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