Swallow Pokémon
Species Swallow Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal/Type Flying
Weight Heavy
Eye color Yellow
Body color Blue
Gender Female

Swellow is a Heavyweight Character, Swellow appears with Chloe and Anika on Staraptor in Episode 1 don't forget your Torkoal, Swellow appears in Dumb Ways to Die as Teach yourself how to fly following as Garchomp, Bullet Bill, Tranquill and Paratroopa, They along with Torkoal's mom.


Swellow is a large dark blue bird Pokémon with a red breast and face. It has a crest of blue feathers sweeping back from its head, a vertical stripe of blue extending into its chest, and a white belly. It has sharply shaped wings with white undersides and two, red-tipped tail feathers. It has red feet with black talons. It is an impressive dive-bomber, and will never miss its target. It searches for warm meadows while in the air. It also takes great pride in its glossy plumage, and often cleans the wings of other Swellow.

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