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The Legend of Duvetica!

The Legend of Duvetica!

Season 3, Episode 2
Air Date
June 9, 2013
Pop Song
Meanwhile, Anika wears the Duvetica jacket to closing the hood will getting cold outing just like Daria before to go winter camp and Bradly's friends scouts are sleeping in Barnyard Home for winter camp.
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The Legend of Duvetica! is the fifthteen-fourth episode in Season 3, and the 54th episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Meanwhile, Misaki is rolling his sleeping bag and put them inside the purple backpack, Misaki bringing his marshmallows for the camp and put them in the backpack, Misaki is putting on his purple baseball cap on his head and he is putting on his long hood jacket, Misaki puttting his hood on and zip and button up his jacket hood fits and nice and snug, Misaki is putting on his backpack and leaves for saying "It's time for Bradly's Double 7".

Misaki is getting out his house and see the Bradly is sleeping in the tent with Bean Scouts, Misaki is running for see Bradly inside the tent, Bradly and Bean Scouts is getting out of his tent and good morning Misaki and Bradly reads his book of photographs, Bradly and Bean Scouts is missing his Unova scouts, The villains scouts stealing his Unova scouts, Bradly and Bean Scouts is stop the villains scouts, Misaki says wait Bradly don't run and she is very sad.

Bradly tries to stop that villains scouts, Bradly is helping Samantha because the bad scouts are stealing Unova scouts, Samantha is putting on his winter hat and his dark pink parkatype jacket, Samantha is putting on his hood and zips up to cover his mouth, Bradly and Samantha takes the supporting scouts to the Barnyard House and Misaki says wait come back, Bradly putting on his pop song: "Camping Out, Camping Outside".

Bad villain scouts and get the Unova scouts in the Barnyard House and get in the living room and he is putting the loud music for 100% all the Unova scouts ears will bleed, Bradly and the supporting scouts tries to stop the villain scouts and the Unova scouts getting out his living room, Samantha tries to kill Vincenzo, Bradly and supporting scouts are killing all the villain scouts and get kicked out of his Barnyard House, Misaki runs to the Barnyard House, Misaki hugs Bradly and her scouts for defeating villain scouts, Misaki is taking off his backpack and his jacket and put them in the hook, The villain scouts are chasing the scouts and Misaki is locking the doors and windows and don't let the villain scouts in here, Vincenzo is yelling no and the villain scouts are go somewhere else.

All the friend scouts are setting his camp fire in outside and her the Swords of Justice camp animals, Bradly is finding his Swords of Justice, Bradly tells Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizon and Keldeo come to the campfire and Swords of Justice says yes, All the scouts are having his smores, Bradly is putting on his song with guitar with Camping Out, Camping Outside.

All the scouts are going to sleep in Barnyard House and the day starts the scouts are waking em up and there is no more villain scouts, Bradly and Misaki says goodbye for supporting scouts and Bean Scouts and at the end of episode.






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