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The Spring Chicken Is Coming!

The Spring Chicken Is Coming!

Season 1, Episode 13
Air Date
April 15, 2012
Pop Song
The Spring Chicken is about to announce the arrival of spring.
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The Spring Chicken Is Coming! is the thirdteenth episode in Season 1, and the 13th episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


Misaki introduces herself and goes to say that it is time for Bradly's Double 7, when she suddenly hears a birdy nearby and sees Bradly up in a tree, waiting for an egg to hatch. He keeps chirping, hoping to make the bird come out and they both keep saying "It's time" eventually causing the little baby bird to pop out of the egg! Both Bradly and the birdy then say "It's time for Bradly's Double 7!"

Bradly and her friends are going out to the Barnyard House when she notices a butterfly and continues along the way, eventually seeing a whole bunch of decorations and plants being put up. She then sees them perform the Spring Chicken dance, to which she calls silly. As she does the dance with them, she mentions that they are pretending to be chickens and Bradly and Misaki is greeted by the mayor named Abby. She asks why everyone acts like this, to which the mayor explains that everyone is preparing for Spring.The mayor also talks of the plant and offers Bradly and Misaki two, but then she has to go to continue perfecting everything. Bradly and Misaki says by to her and with her new plant she heads into Barnyard House.

In Barnyard House, Bradly and Misaki pretends to be a chicken as she sits. It's then Samantha Diaz sings the song and everyone does the dance. Bradly and Misaki is then asked about her flower, and Bradly and Misaki explains that if she takes care of it then it'll grow into a beautiful spring flower! Tyler then asks what a season is, upon hearing it come up. Dean explains that a season is a time of year and he discusses the one based on this episode: Spring!

He discusses all of the neat things that happen during spring. Such as the pretty flowers, the sunny weather that isn't too hot, and the grass and trees that begin to come to life again. Then Bradly Sing "It's a Beautiful Day".

In Barnyard House, everyone is preparing for Spring. With Bradly and Misaki pretending to be chickens, Chloe pretending to be a butterfly, Dean painting, and Nikhil playing. Keiko is concentrated on her flower and is very concerned, as its no done anything all day.

Bradly and Misaki are going to battle against Serperior, All the reccurings are going outside and play, The Serperior comes and Misaki tells Bradly tries to fight against Serperior, Bradly is jump and hit in the Serperior's head, Serperior chase Bradly and jump over and tossed into the ground, Bradly tries to kicks the Serperior and gets blasted off, Misaki hugs Bradly they wins the boss against Serperior.

Samantha Diaz takes the friends to the Spring Chicken location and Keiko is becoming worried since her flower hasn't sprouted yet. The Abby comes out to greet everyone and thank them for coming to the event! Chloe asks about Keiko's flower, as the Abby summons the Spring Chicken to announce the arrival of Spring. Keiko then puts down her plant to get a better look at the Spring Chicken with the others and as she leaves it, it slowly begins to open...

The spring chicken hops around the stage, then says that unless she sees even a single flower, she will not announce it is Spring! And so, everyone looks around trying to find a flower for the spring chicken and they all begin to look around. Keiko asks the audience for help and everyone soon finds her little flower on the bench. Keiko happily picks it up, seeing it open into a beautiful pink blooming flower. She brings it to the stage for the Spring Chicken, who then announces its Spring!

Music begins to play as everyone begins to do the Spring Chicken dance and cheer as the episode draws to a close...

Bradly and her friends to say goodbye to Samantha and Spring Chicken, Misaki hugs the Spring Chicken and Bradly's friends are going home with Spring Chicken.





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