Jubilee Pokémon
Species Jubilee Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal/Type Flying
Weight Heavy
Eye color Black
Body color Yellow
Gender Female

Togekiss is a Heavyweight character, Togekiss appears for Dumb Ways to Die by Dress up like a moose during hunting season, There are the Shiny Togekiss just like Shiny Gyarados.


Togekiss is a light yellow, avian Pokémon with an ovoid body. While its feet are small and situated closely together, its wings are broad and triangular. Blue and red triangular markings over its underside, and it has a short tail consisting of three feathers. On the back of its head are three spikes: a blue tipped on the right, a red tipped one on the left, and a pure light yellow one in the middle. Togekiss has a relatively flat face and small, black eyes. This Pokémon is rarely seen, only appearing in peaceful areas. When it is seen or visits respectful people, it showers gifts of blessings and kindness.

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