Coal Pokémon
Species Coal Pokémon
Type(s) Type Fire
Weight Medium
Eye color None
Body color Brown
Gender Male

Torkoal is a Middleweight Character, Torkoal appears from Dumb Ways to Die as Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place following the Blastoise, Grotle, Kingler and Toad, Torkoal along with Swellow's father.


Torkoal is a tortoise-like, quadruped Pokémon. It has a large black rock-like shell with holes that glow with a red warmth. Its skin is a reddish brown with gray-black bands on its legs and neck. It has a long neck and its eyes seem permanently closed. Torkoal lives in mountains, where it looks for coal. It uses the coal to fill the hollow spaces in its shell, and then burns it for energy. When it blows out smoke from its nostrils and the top of its back, it sounds like a locomotive horn. It blows out black smoke before fleeing and while being attacked.

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