Train is a large-sized as Train, But the train as the train station as people gonna want to fall and hit yourself and give us accident, But the people are missed the balloon try to run across the tracks without Train, But the people driving around the boom gates without stopping, This train in Dumb Ways to Die as Stand on the edge of a train station platform, Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing and Run across the tracks between the platform for just like Scyther, Pansage, Koopa Troopa, Krokorok, Excadrill, Vullaby, Altaria, Anika, Donphan, Machoke, Torterra, Wario, Swampert, Tauros, Susana, Drapion, Keiko, Dragonite, Grumpy, Feraligatr, Primeape, Bowser Jr., Paratroopa, Cranidos and Absol as Stumble, Bonehead and Putz are the three of theme for Dumb Ways to Die they dance for Dumbest ways to die.