Wild Pigeon Pokémon
Species Wild Pigeon Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal/Type Flying
Weight Medium
Eye color Yellow
Body color Gray
Gender Female

Tranquill is a Middleweight Characters, But Bradly does not help with Tranquill (only Fearow), But Anika does not help with Fearow (only Tranquill).


Tranquill is an avian Pokémon that is gray with lighter gray and black markings. Its beak and eyes are yellow, and there is dark pink marking above its beak that curves back over the eyes. It has a black, tuft of two feathers on its head and a petal-like arrangement of feathers on the nape of its neck. There is a black stripe on each of its light gray, black-tipped wings. Each pink foot has black talons. It possesses a long tail feather that is tipped in black. No matter how far a Tranquill travels, it is always able to return to its Trainer. It is said to live in deep forests, where there is a peaceful place without war.

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