“Awwww. I Lost! TO A BUNCH OF LOSERS”—Wario, Super Mario MHLWario is Mario's evil doppelganger. In Wario's debut, he payed an evil alien mercenary named Tatanga to kidnap Princess Daisy. Mario headed off to rescue her upon request from Princess Peach, but what he didn't know, was that this was a diversion so that Wario could capture Mario's Castle. However, Mario managed to kick Wario out his castle, which led Wario to seek out a castle of his own. Thus, his new castle has been the central focus of most of Wario's games. Wario, in all fields, is a greedy thief. As such, he is not afraid to steal from others in order to add to his riches. Wario also has a brother named Waluigi, who is Luigi's evil doppelganger. Wario loves garlic, money, and treasure. Wario is very lazy, selfish and greedy and is not the sharpest tool in the box. Besides Mario, Captain Syrup is his worst enemy, because she's just a greedy as him.

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