Lookout Pokémon
Species Lookout Pokémon
Type(s) Type Normal
Weight Medium
Eye color Red
Body color Brown
Gender Male

Dr. Watchog is a Middleweight character, Dr. Watchog is only Watchog does not appeared for Dumb Ways to Die.


Watchog is an upright, meerkat-like Pokémon with large cheeks and a single, pointed incisor sticking out of its mouth. It is mainly reddish brown with beige cheeks and neck. There is wearing doctor coat, shirt and pants on its chest and tail. Its hands, wears shoes on your feet and pants out the tail tip are white. Its red eyes have small black pupils and a yellow stripe. Black markings accentuate the eyes at their outer ends. Its tail is almost exclusively depicted standing up straight, although it can also be kept in a relaxed position.

There are luminescent compounds in Watchog's body that allow its stripes and eyes to glow. It uses this ability to threaten predators. Its cheeks can hold a large amount of seeds, which it collects and spits at its opponents. Watchog possess night vision and can view its surroundings in the darkness.

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