Flycatcher Pokémon
Species Flycatcher Pokémon
Type(s) Type Grass/Type Poison
Weight Light
Eye color Black
Body color Green
Gender Male

Weepinbell is a Lightweight character, Weepinbell is a Male-only character and the female counterpart with Victreebel.


Weepinbell has a yellow, bell-shaped body with a single green leaf on either side. It uses these razor sharp leaves to slice up prey. It has a wide, gaping mouth with pink lips. Above Weepinbell's circular eyes is a pattern of three small green spots and small hook-shaped stem.

Weepinbell camouflages itself as a plant in the forest whilst awaiting an unwary victim. When its prey draws near it sprays toxic pollen to immobilize the target before melting it with its internal acids. It oozes a neutralizing fluid that prevents these internal acids from melting its own body. Weepinbell live in forests and tropical jungles where it hangs from tree branches by its stem to sleep. If it moves around during sleep, Weepinbell may slip and awaken to find itself on the ground.

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