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Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf!

Who&#039;s Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf!

Season 1, Episode 11
Air Date
April 1, 2012
Pop Song
The Bradly's friends learn about plays!
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Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf! is the eleventh episode in Season 1, and the 11th episode of the Bradly's Double 7.


The opening begins as Misaki Tsakalos tries to say "It's time for Bradly's Double 7!" But Bradly Dobbs keeps interrupting by assembling a stage for her. She then manages to say it, but while pretending to be a princess.

Bradly and his friends are going out, When she notices a bunch of actors and a director practicing for the upcoming play 'Three Little Pigs'. Bradly and his friends are going to the Barnyard House. When she arrives, she tells them what she saw and what happened, and they all begin to think about the important things one needs to put on a play. Bradly then sings: Let's Put On a Play.

All the friends are sitting in the outside and watch Emily, Keiko and Susana pretend to be the the Three little piggies, and Misaki pretend to be the Big Bad Wolf in the stage and the reccuring are going outside and play.

Martin and Theo are caveman actors who want to put on a play in the Cave Stage but they find it difficult because Mastrodons are blocking it. Soon it gives chase to the two cavemen but they manage to trick the hoard of angry elephant-creatures by pretending to be Mastrodons too. After they finally pass the mastrodons, they reach the cave stage and they can finally put on a play! About Mastrodons...

Bradly's friends and recurring characters are go to watch the performance of the watch the play Misaki had witnessed earlier and she sees the director from then too! They are then informed that the play can't go on, as the actor who was going to play the big bad wolf is sick, Misaki then offers herself to take his place, as everyone thinks she would make a good big bad wolf and the Director allows it! She performs very well, which makes everyone clap.

Meanwhile, Anika kissed Misaki they good to play the big bad wolf of the three little piggies and Bradly's friends are going home, Reccuring characters going back to the Barnyard House.





Wild CharactersEdit

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